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The Sibiry Doumbia Community Memorial Health Center provides comprehensive medical care for adults and children in a wide range of services. Specialties include. Fetal therapy begins with a comprehensive patient assessment that includes diagnostic testing for fetal, prenatal counseling support services as well as highly specialized services for women and children. We are also aware of the communities needs and are working hard to provide the best services.

Health of the reproduction and fight against the sexually transmitted diseases and the AIDS
(b) Information, education and Communication as regards to health of hygiene and nutrition (c) To ensure a permanent relation with the families and the children.

Incorporating the latest in technology with a dedication to compassionate, family-centered care, the Memorial Center has established a prestigious reputation throughout Arrondissement de Baguineda. In addition to providing a Birth Center, Intensive Care Unit and soon hope to provide Transport Services. Dedicated to the health and safety of the communities, the Center reaches out to the public through a variety of preventive health classes, screenings and wellness activities.

The mission of the Sibiry Doumbia Memorial Health Center is to optimize the health, safety, and comfort of our patients, their families, and the communities, we serve by providing the best and most sensitive professional care and services.

Sibiry Doumbia Community Memorial Health Center will remain the preeminent healthcare provider in the community, developing a healthcare system with physicians to provide patient care that is predictable, stable and seamless.

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