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Project Goals:

Phase I Provide immediate, albeit limited, access to medical services and information to the 5000 inhabitants of Koungodjan and the 45, 000 inhabitants of the seven neighboring villages.

Phase II Build a 10-room Health Center with a large reception room, two examination rooms, a birthing room, outpatient recovery facilities (to accommodate recovery from surgeries performed at the hospital in Bamako), a large nursery, and three offices.

Phase III Form partnerships with the Mali Ministry of Health, international organizations and non-governmental organizations for medical education and dissemination of information regarding diseases most prevalent in West Africa.

Progress to Date:
Phase I

In July 2004, Lassine Doumbia founded the Sibiry Doumbia Memorial Health Center for the village of Koungodjan in Mali, West Africa in honor of his father who died in 2004 at the age of 90. The senior Doumbia died of complications from a broken hip. Medicines were purchased in Bamako, yet it was five days before a medical technician could visit the village to administer the medication. Mr. Doumbia died prior to the doctor’s arrival. With the belief that all men, women and children should have ready access to medical care in their community, the Center was born.

In August 2004, Dr. Lacine Traore was hired as the attending physician in charge of day-to-day operations of the Center along with two Nurses and two local traditional midwives to advise and assist. Together they provide such services as consultation, medical exams, assisting births, immunizations, general medical guidance, and distribution of medication. Today, six months after the doors first opened, the Center is one of the most respected of the health care providers in the eight-village community. The Center is committed to excellence and has developed a reputation for using the latest technology and for its skilled compassionate staff.

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Phase II

To start the project, Mr. Lassine Doumbia purchased 3 hectares of land from the village of Koungodjan in order to construct the 10-room Health Center, which offers two examination/treatment rooms, a waiting room, a reception area, a pharmacy, a laboratory, a supply room, two medical staff offices, a delivery room, and two separate restrooms. Great progress has been made in the past year we received a generous medical equipment commitment from International Medical Equipment Collaboration, Inc. (IMEC) which includes:
• General Medical Supplies
• Linen and Textbooks
• Patient Rooms
• Surgical Suite
• Critical Care Suite
• Pediatric Suite
• Medical Supplies

Although the initial construction is finished, we need financial support for the daily administration of the Health Center as well as the shipping cost to send all of the materials over to Mali:


The project shipment has a cost of: $252,700

Equipment donations, in-kind services, and volunteers have
reduced project required funding by: $(227,400)

The shepherding organization provides funding for the cost of
equipment delivery and travel for the IMEC installation team: $(10,000)

A Sponsor is needed to fund the remainder of this project: $15,300

Please Help!
Your contribution of $15,300 will make an immediate difference in the lives of the people of Mali. For less than 10% of the book value, your support can provide tools and equipment needed to raise the standard of health care and transform this facility into functioning hospital.

In the attached appendices, you will find lists of needed infrastructure materials and supplies. While we welcome the donation of the supplies themselves, it is more cost effective to procure these supplies locally. Therefore, monetary contributions would be most welcome. Whether you can provide financial or in-kind support, we will provide all necessary documentation of the charitable nature of your donation.

Phase III

In the third phase, Doumbias International Health Services will establish a much-needed program to educate the community on reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, hygiene and nutrition. Now that the Health Center is fully established and staffed, in the next few weeks, the staff will be participating in a government sponsored training program with the Malian Ministry of Health to develop a cadre of community educators, who can travel from village to village, providing culturally-relevant information on preventive care. Particular focus will be on (a) reproductive health and the fight against sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS and (b) healthy hygiene and nutrition. We will continue seeking assistance from other organizations on education programs about malaria, TB, yellow-fever, and other health related problems that confront Africa and particularly in Mali..

Ongoing operation of the Sibiry Doumbia Memorial Health Center and the development of a health education program can be a reality only with your help. We ask that you please find a way, through your program, to assist with funding this vitally important initiative.

You can provide sustained the Health Center support through the year with a recurring contribution. Choose a gift option and select monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annually, or annually. Your repeated giving goes even further to support our lifesaving services and programs -- and you only have to sign up once!

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