See List of Donated medical equipment pending shipment, Your financial support will insure a prompt shipment of these mush needed supplies


Doumbia International Health Services is committed to provide the Sibiry Doumbia Memorial Health Center with a projected 2005/2006 expenditure that can be a reality only with your help. We ask that you please find a way, in your program, to assist with funding this vitally important clinic.
The Sibiry Doumbia Memorial Health Center looks forward to hearing from you at you earliest convenience. For information on how to help in this continuing project, you may contact:

Mr. Lassine Doumbia,
Director, Sibiry Doumbia Memorial Health Center
7828 Heritage Drive
Annandale, Virginia 22003
Phone: (703) 642-5514
Fax: (703) 642-1101
Contact us:

Doumbias Int'l Health Svcs. Inc.

Attending Physician:
Dr. Lacine Traore Hospital du Point G, Mali
Tel: 011-223-619-4920 or 011-223-373-3132

Ms. Salimata Coulibaly Head Nurse & Midwives

Ms. Toutou Diarra Nurse and assistante Midwives
Tel: 223-909-5646

Two Local Traditional Midwives
Salimata Doumbia & Farima Doumbia

Manager Mr. Drissa Doumbia, Tel: 223-613-0354

Treasurer: Mr. Sidiyaya Doumbia Tel: 223-631-6811


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The Shipment of Donated Medical Equipment is still pending. 100% of your contribution will go in support of securing the funds to ship the equipment to Mali, West Africa.

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